Travel can be a force for good! Being on the road can actually help others to reduce plastic consumption and make them REthink how they interact with their environment.


We are a group of people trying to be more conscious about our impact on the world. We travel around the globe for different jobs, and over the years REalized that it is very easy to REduce plastic consumption and connect with entrepreneurs who create their products in a sustainable way.



The (RE)collective is an initiative to build bridges between like-minded people and the producers we meet as well as to travel in a more sustainable way.We are not perfect travellers. We travel by airplane, car or motorbike. We produce too much carbon, and we know it! But we are trying to learn how to lower our impact and be more aware. Creating the (RE)collective is our spark to inspire others and ourselves to be more conscious of our consumption habits and to change them.


Join our community and share your story with us!


Nora Jaccaud is a French-Polish documentary filmmaker who travels around the globe telling the inspiring stories of everyday people. Nora is also a passionate beach cleaner and likes to involve locals in her actions.

Lukas Birk is an Austrian photographer and researcher on photographic history, specializing in countries affected by conflict. He has spent many years in South and South East Asia. One of his passions is to find local food producers wherever he goes.

Florian Salzmann is an Austrian consultant on marketing and social media communication. Having lived in the USA and Germany for some time, he resettled in the Austrian Alps, where he enjoys local food and outdoor activities with his children.


KALIKA Beeswax Wrap

KALIKA Beeswax Wrap is the initiative of Nina Widjaja and Reky Martha.

After moving back to their home country of Indonesia, they witnessed the reckless consumption of plastics, which often end up unmanaged in landfills and eventually the ocean. With jungle-sourced beeswax and local craftspeople they created these beautiful beeswax wrappers, which can help us REduce our plastic consumption every day.







Friendly Soap

A zero-impact soap made by hand in Yorkshire, UK.

We chose this soap because it is truly friendly towards the environment, your skin and travels! This unique travel soap is cruelty-free, paraben-free, SLS-free, palm oil free and plastic-free, and comes in REcycled and REcyclable packaging.










No plastic packaging and no chemical preservatives – that is why we picked DENTTABS® as our partner. As the founders say: “The best possible dental care using the fewest possible chemical ingredients. This was the original idea behind the development of DENTTABS® teeth cleaning tablets. Conventional toothpastes consist of 50% water. You need many chemical ingredients to produce a paste that is stable and preservable. We compiled a list of over 100 chemical substances from generally available documents. Even non-chemists may wonder about the chemical substances used in making conventional toothpastes.”

Easy to use: Chew up a DENTTABS® teeth cleaning tablet until you feel no more crumbs. Brush your teeth with a wet toothbrush as usual. Rinse. Done!




The idea for Yishu developed through old friendship and passion for tea. Lukas and Florian are old friends, with great love for crafts and quality production. Sun Qiang our Chinese partner is a curator and collector of wood block prints with great sensibility for taste. Sun Qiang decided a few years ago to take his tea drinking passion a step further and reactivated tea plants with a few farmers in Hubei province. Lukas and Sun Qiang met in 2017 and decided right away to collaborate.

Our packaging are hand printed. Each is a unique piece of art.

Der Rote Berg, is a tea for every day drinking experience.