We all know that we produce too much plastic. While some countries have better recycling systems than others, recycling still consumes a lot of energy and can never be sustainable.


Many countries have bad or no recycling systems in place at all. Often these countries are popular tourist destinations; for example, in South and South East Asia, East and West Africa, and South America.

As tourists and guests in these places, we should REthink what kind of ecological footprint we leave behind. To REduce is easy! And to inspire others to REduce, too!


We are only at the beginning of our #REduceplastic adventure and we invite you to come along. With time, we want to provide tips and products to help conscious travellers on their journey. We are learning, and our experiences will be shared through the (RE)collective platform.



On a 21 days trip to Thailand you could reduce your plastic consumption by over 252 plastic pieces. 


Let’s say we are taking a 21-day holiday in Thailand on Ko Samui and we would like to reduce our use of plastic. Thailand wraps pretty much everything in plastic and is one of the largest polluters of the sea, with trash being dumped from the shore (although Germany has a much higher per capita trash consumption). Every day you will be offered numerous plastic bags, cups, bottles, straws and single-use chopsticks. How can you reduce?

According to this simple calculation, you could REduce the wastage of up to 252 plastic pieces on your holiday. This calculation does not include hotel articles such as cotton swabs with plastic, soap in plastic bottles, shower caps, toothbrushes and toothpaste, single-use polyester slippers, etc. These can be REduced easily by bringing your own.


For details on flight carbon footprint: www.calculator.carbonfootprint.com