Glass Straw Set – 150 pieces


An elegant, sustainable and lasting alternative to plastic.


Our glass straws are an excellent alternative to plastic and PLA straws and are made from extremely durable borosilicate glass. The straws are dishwasher safe and hot temperature resistent. Glass straws are recommended for acidic drinks, lemonades and fruit juices as they are 100% taste neutral and can also resist better to heat. The glass is easy to inspect for cleanliness. 




● 50 pieces 13cm long for small glasses


● 50 pieces 18 cm long bend. For cocktails, longdrinks and mineral water


● 50 pieces 21 cm long. For cocktails, fruit juices, iced coffee and more


● 5 cleaning brushes


As of 2021 the European Union forbids single use plastic products such as straws, cutlery, cotton pads and certain types of plastic bags. This is fantastic news! 


The only real sustainable alternative to plastic is straws made from glass or metal.


Truth about plant-based straws

Most gastronomic companies will substitute plastic with so called biodegradable PLA products. The truth is that these materials take up to 2 years to degrade in an ideal environment. PLA products cannot be recycled. Putting PLA into regular recycling means it will reduce the quality of other plastics and will be handled as regular waste. Find out more on the subject here.